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Our Story

Phoebe Simmonds
Photo credit: PRUE AJA

My vision

My vision for The BLOW is simple. Serving up fast and effortless Blow Drys and Dry Style services that come with no added fluff and fuss, so busy women can get in, get out… and get it girl. I wanted to create a brand that would mean something to smart women, that stands for strength, spirit and community while celebrating the sharp as well as the feminine elements of our personalities. And we needed a space that’s a joy to step into, right in the heart of Australia’s CBDs, and worthy of our power house guests.

Our styles don’t champion perfection, I don’t believe in it. What I’m interested in is transformations, emotional and physical. We work with our guests hair and their personal style to make them feel fresh, polished and invincible. Our team of expert stylists represent our brand DNA, who are positive, driven people who want the best for our guests. When I started The BLOW I wanted to take out the intimidation barrier that guests can sometimes feel (myself included) when they visit a salon. Hair should be fun and stylists should be approachable. Guests should be able to walk out feeling like they can conquer their day with confidence.

Life isn’t always effortless, but now, your hair can be.

We look forward to blowing you away.

Phoebe Simmonds
Founder of The BLOW